Thinking of other things

“I’m waiting” he said.

“For what?”

“For you to grow a brain.” I traced his perfect lips with my lingering gaze.

The way he forms the words and pushes them away with breath and tongue.

“To think of other things.” His beautiful dark eyes begging me to understand.

But how? What other things are so important?

When his beauty is a sonnet that throbs within me.

What other things are as captivating as the feel of his skin against mine?

What other things are better than studying the way he breathes

Or if his nostrils flare when he’s angry

Or how I feel when he’s inside me

Or how he laughs and his eyes crinkle just so

What else is more important than understanding what eternity feels like when he’s holding my hand

And what is more important than I am more me when I am breathing his air

And can someone please tell me what other things are more important than understanding this universe that made me made me for him?

And when I feel the vibration of the universe’s answer to my prayers coming through the speakers, what is better than being reminded I gave away my heart and soul?

What can I think of that’s more important than the way my molecules have come to be so that I can lay with my feet pressed to his feet?

What’s more important than forgetting about ego and just being?

Adrift in the chaos of the expanding universe and I am eternally his?

So, I try to think of other things.

How the butterflies have come and sip the nectar from the flowers by day.

How the ground feels soft beneath my feet after it rains.

How I enjoy the smiles of strangers I meet in the store.

Wondering what memories that drop of water holds as its fallen apart and reformed over and over since the beginning of time.

How that child will eventually grow into a man and I hope his heart is strong enough to survive it.

But nothing feels more important than remembering how time split open and my soul was his and he was mine and I saw forever swaying back and forth in his eyes.



Curled up in my bed for days

And I can’t listen to the radio

Stupid song that plays all afternoon

How long does it take?

And I’m curled up in my bed for days…

There’s rain against the windowpane

It rains almost every day

How long does it take?

Curled up in my bed for days

How long does it take?

Today is a good day

Today is a good day my people

Happiness and truth are deliberate

and you must fight every day

to make it transpire

it started at the beginning

when your heart was struck with lightning

and your life began

your voice is the conscience of the universe

and what you speak will be

when all hearts are united

Keep your eyes open

and your ears listening

there are truth speakers

and brothers and sisters of the soul

speaking to you

send your love back

send it back into the universe

you were created for love

you were created for me

and I was created for you

and together we bring change

and wonderment to the world

and remember

we are together in all of this

breath begets breath

life begets life

and love is abundant

there is enough for me to take

and for me to give

and today begins the beginning

we’re taking it back

stay positive

stay alert

stay in love


Faith in Trust

I remember when faith meant truth

I remember how it felt


until that moment with your duplicitous life

and I saw that even the man

with the “Voice of Truth,”

talking loud and strong, verses rang out

truth was lifted high, and then I saw

the lie you couldn’t hide behind your eyes

And you stood up there, dead with disbelief

Remembering to when faith held the truth

and in your innocence you couldn’t see the betrayal

Just a pretty picture you looked at once

got so close you could smell the paint


Now you see what I see

the demons dressed in human clothing

beautiful smiles and venom saliva

We’re trapped inside

and we’re cold inside

and we’re dying inside

turns out, surprises

the lie is truth.

And the truth, all along the beautiful truth,

that was the betrayal.  That was the lie.

And maybe

Just maybe, the saddest thing of all

she was lying to herself

lying for the life she craved

lying just to breathe

she lied and she lied

she lied to the voices in her head

and she lied to the feeling in her gut

she lied to the sun and she lied to the moon

and when the  stars swam by, she smiled a broken smile

and she lied to them as well

She lied that this was heaven

when everyday this was hell

she lied to wake up

and she lied to rest her soul

she lied until the lies ran dry

she lied until there was nothing left

nothing but the truth.