Day off, sun shining

hair clean and makeup on

and I’m sitting in front of my laptop

music plays and I’m hoping for something

to make sense

trapped in the city

suffocating on exhaust fumes

lights blinking and twinkling

and I never see the fucking stars anymore

constant humming of electricity that flows through

and we forget we are made with electricity

we are power and life and vitality

but we eat our crap

and suck on our happiness

and there’s nothing

because its all a trap

do this

do that

and I’m still here missing the stars

and the buzz of insects

and the smell of earth

and I’m soon to turn the ignition and start my car

drive along the burning asphalt

and when can I let my bare feet sink into the grass?

and lay in the sunshine

and be held close to your chest

and listen to the rumble of your voice

as you tell me wonderfully fantastic dreams

my hand held in yours and we’re dreaming

and we’re alive and loving and life is good

and life is life

not made up

not a trap

and I feel free when your lips are tasting mine

and my eyes are closed

and the world falls away

and this would be life

without all the traps



Miss Me?

I miss you

In the dark

and I imagine

you’re somewhere

lying in your mountains

Breathing in the magic

and swallowing the stars

and I wonder

sometimes upon occasion if

you miss me too?

I wonder if it drives you crazy

and you want fly across the night sky

to find me, once and for all?

and how would my eyes fare

in the blinding light of day

to find you had come all this way?

Dazzling kaleidoscopes of you

broken fragments of a million fantasies,

I think I’d hold my breath as you tied me up

and dragged me through

all this space that’s clouded up

what’s between my heart and you.

I’d wait just a second more,

just until my galaxy crashed into yours.

I think your gravity would spin me dizzy

until I’m not sure of anything anymore.

My cheek pressed against your chest

and floating gently on the river of time.

I’m hoping you miss me too and dream of me in ecstasy.



And when I fell, you caught me

a solid form, and you held tight

turning me into something real

And when I looked into the mirror of your eyes

I saw the shadows of  the earth and the moon

And somewhere in the realness of it all

I began to fly apart and all my pieces drifed and lifted

And I was rising, spreading out further than the universe

a pillow and a blanket for all the stars

a stretching muscle that is reawakening

and yet I was as small as a wish pressed against your chest

Time was still as I counted all your heartbeats

Until infinity began again

And then you move, and a shaking begins

an epicenter of we, two

cause and effect

spontaneous confliction

intense friction?

All at once I’m slammed back into the ether

and I’m wavering between substance and element

and as I come and

float back down

the moon and the earth

have this spinning sound

and there’s nothing to catch

and I’m right to where I began.