I’m yours

I’m yours when I’m pressed

Skin to skin

And my curves are melting into

Hard unyielding flesh

And when I close my eyes

My fingertips trace every inch

And all that I have memorized

I feel the scruff of your beard

As it grows against your jawline

And I’m pressing kisses to that spot

On your neck

The spot by your ear

The one I always lick

And I trace your brows

And the length of your nose

And when we kiss

And I’m kissing your lips

And your tongue is touching


My fingers are in your hair

And on .your chest

And my fingers are grabbing your ass

And I’m pulling you closer

As my cool skin slides against

Hot burning skin

And I’m breathing you in

Every breath of you

And I’m worshipping

That grin

A smirk

A look in your eye

Your eyebrow raised

in that way you do

And then you’re inside

My body

And my eyes are closed

And you’ve claimed

my soul

With your hand

at my throat

Eyes half closed

Your other hand

Tearing into my hip

Inside my body

My soul is yours

My heart your shoes

My eyes are closed

Cuz I’m worshipping you

I’m all yours

And you’re the sun

And I’m a dew kissed blade of grass

And you are my intention

My reason

My obsession

My poison

And I am simply




I’m sitting here, contemplating things.

Like if I peeled the skin back, just there.

Right between the veins, Could my soul escape?

Could I do it? Set it free?

Where would it go?

Maybe for a time, hang out with me,

watch me bleed.

But then it would be gone

To go wherever free souls go,

And there I would be,

alone and cold on the floor.

And maybe in a flash my soul would come,

and shove itself back into me.

I would be saved just in time.

Maybe while she was gone she saw some miracle.

A glimpse of me and who I’m supposed to be.

Maybe with a smile upon my face,

and a blush that stains my cheeks.

And maybe my eyes are dreamy big moonbeams,

my lip caught between teeth in vigorous uncertainty.

Maybe, its the future and I have something to live for,

Maybe its more heartache and pain,

maybe its love

maybe its lust

and I am who I’m going to be

she’s in me