Dear Sister

You wanted me to write you something

and I couldn’t think of what

what don’t you know about

the way you’re a part of me

of my every breathing moment

you’re never far from thought

and I’m always thinking of your smile

and how we laugh when we’re together

and you get my sense of humor

and you understood

every single word I ever muttered

and you never hesitate to be there for me

god, and I hope you never know

you’re my only tether to this world

and that without you

I’m not really me.




When I imagine the children we used to be

Our adventures and our play

the tall grasses we passed through

crackers and butter

How simple life was,

even when it wasn’t simple at all

I never would have made it without you.

Somehow I imagine there’s a thread,

that wove my soul to yours

and where you go I go

through time and space

and maybe next time I will lead

and keep you safe

and maybe next time

we won’t grow up

and surely it won’t matter

as long as we have each other

and I will always find your light

and recognize it as a beacon

that shines for me when it is night.

Through it all we’ll have our broomsticks

and fight back to back the monsters who attack

and be brave and fierce with the powers

born when sisters are.