Ambient soul

Does it bother you, with my insomniac heart

To think of your ambient nostalgic soul?

Does it hurt, when my mind lingers on a tattered page too long?

Are you exorcised with every panicked breath?

If I slide my paper cut finger across my lips, will you feel it?

If I was a fire burning out of control, would you let me swallow you whole?

Just one last time, would you let me be so bold to worship you?

Kneel before you and beseech you with my tongue?

Scrape my teeth against your skin?

Would you close your eyes and sigh?

Would you look me in the eyes?

Take your pleasure while my fingertips traced sorrow along your spine?

Would you tell me your coming with your breath in my mouth?

Would you let me love you with despair in my heart?

Could you forgive me? My insomniac heart?



Your spell, black magic

and I can’t decide

If it’s my will to bend

or your fire that molds

And if there is a difference

what difference can it make?

Resulting in the same

I worship at your feet.

This lust that grows within me

under you spell

and the feeling invoked

as you watch as I writhe

destroyed in your fire and smoke

Did you steal my heart?

Do you hold it captive

like this broken body

injured in your care?

but my mind is not my own

and I haven’t got a care

as long as you are here

close to me in this hell.

Settled by this forge

soaking in the heat

I laugh and I scratch until I bleed

and as the blood soaks the floor

you stand and you stare, wordless

as before.

And then you crouch before me, eyes of fire

mesmerizing my own bruised mirrors,

You show me a heaven and I’m calmed

as your clawed and dirty hand lands

softly to scratch at my tender skin.

Your spell re-weaves and I’m bound and cloaked again.

Docile and complacent, settled at your feet.

I take every accidental touch and meaningless brush

of your flesh against mine and I worship

in the lightning that flashes and spreads

from limb to limb.

I’ll never escape, never be free of this

sickened and changing I’m losing.

My will or yours, its all the same.

If I ran and found my freedom,

I’d leap off the highest peak,

so I could come back, and settle at your feet.


In the dark

You came closer, surrounding me in your darkness

and your eyes were fire

as you touched me my blood began to boil

and I could smell the fires of hell

You know just what you do you tempt and tease

burn me up with such ease and I’m trembling and I’m weak

On my knees

I’m begging for a peek a taste, a simple distraction

from this fever and this thirst an ache and a need

fill me please….

and I’ve ignited under your watchful gaze

Turning and changing I’m reconciling this beast I’ve found

Trusting she knows just what to do Backing out and stepping back

I watch from a distance as she grabs you and you’ve pushed too far

just far enough to win this game flesh and claws and teeth

she’s buried all she can inside to hold you down and have her fun

Impaled herself she rides taking your fire inside

and she’s rocking back and forth watching your eyes

as she rips and tears bites and sucks

and the madness is climbing as she slides and slaps

Your darkness and your flame filling her once again

she breaks apart and dies inside ashes and embers all that’s left

I settle into the furrows and the welling blood I taste you and change my dna

slumber past the dawn

Until the night await your dark return.