I can’t go back and look at you the same way I saw you.

Life got in the way.  Wounds have healed and scars have faded.

I can’t look back and see the same world.

I’ve forgotten what that star dust felt like.

As it coated our skin and we were glowing happy.

I’ll remember it always, and I’ll miss those days,

as we laid back and got high on the galaxy.

Daring to dream while we sailed on the tails of comets

while our skin turned blue and our lungs filled with ice

laughing all the way.

And now, as I try to feel the same as I once did

I’m haunted by this cloud of nostalgia, and I can’t return.

Days are gone and bathed in the shadows of space clouds.

vague impressions of hope and dusty flickers of life.

I never realized how much I’d miss the birth of time.

Who could ever have known the taste of memories were so perfectly hollow?

Covered in the taint of never more.

An illusion retained in the mirror or forever that graces all that ever was.


The Sea & You & Me

you know, how sometimes you remember awesome shit that happened in life, and one of those moments was by the sea where you were falling madly in love? This is just my little moment
How I remember when I fell
I think I had to write it down for those moments when I forget we are a romance story



I was awash in a sun drenched day.  The pebbles under my feet caressed and tickled, while the wind was chill and blustery.  It was bluffing though.  It brought no change.  It brought no rain.   So the drought remained, and the dust blew, and I remembered the sea.

I remembered waking in your arms, the blue of the sea as she stretched and played morning after morning.  I remember the intoxicating aroma of your body, and how when it mixed with mine I thought of heaven.

I remember the chill as she crept across the floor and slid like a lover up our calves.  I remember the heat of your hand as it wrapped around my neck, tangling in my hair and pressing me to your lips, where I drowned in the universe that is only you.

I remember when you pushed up and you caught me off guard and I went laughing through space, and you joined me there, and we held hands as we slowly came back to earth.  When you held me as we watched the sea shudder its way off the beach.

I remember this romance that happened, and I can’t let go and I can’t forget.  There is now a layer of memory, of me and of you, in that room by the sea.  Where we lived and breathed and lived only in each other.

The sun washed me today, lifted me while the wind blew in, chasing out the fog.  I remember that time, where you were mine and I was yours and the sea was our only song.  I remember your lips and your eyes and your tongue and your taste.

I remember you babe.  I remember.