Day off, sun shining

hair clean and makeup on

and I’m sitting in front of my laptop

music plays and I’m hoping for something

to make sense

trapped in the city

suffocating on exhaust fumes

lights blinking and twinkling

and I never see the fucking stars anymore

constant humming of electricity that flows through

and we forget we are made with electricity

we are power and life and vitality

but we eat our crap

and suck on our happiness

and there’s nothing

because its all a trap

do this

do that

and I’m still here missing the stars

and the buzz of insects

and the smell of earth

and I’m soon to turn the ignition and start my car

drive along the burning asphalt

and when can I let my bare feet sink into the grass?

and lay in the sunshine

and be held close to your chest

and listen to the rumble of your voice

as you tell me wonderfully fantastic dreams

my hand held in yours and we’re dreaming

and we’re alive and loving and life is good

and life is life

not made up

not a trap

and I feel free when your lips are tasting mine

and my eyes are closed

and the world falls away

and this would be life

without all the traps




Your spell, black magic

and I can’t decide

If it’s my will to bend

or your fire that molds

And if there is a difference

what difference can it make?

Resulting in the same

I worship at your feet.

This lust that grows within me

under you spell

and the feeling invoked

as you watch as I writhe

destroyed in your fire and smoke

Did you steal my heart?

Do you hold it captive

like this broken body

injured in your care?

but my mind is not my own

and I haven’t got a care

as long as you are here

close to me in this hell.

Settled by this forge

soaking in the heat

I laugh and I scratch until I bleed

and as the blood soaks the floor

you stand and you stare, wordless

as before.

And then you crouch before me, eyes of fire

mesmerizing my own bruised mirrors,

You show me a heaven and I’m calmed

as your clawed and dirty hand lands

softly to scratch at my tender skin.

Your spell re-weaves and I’m bound and cloaked again.

Docile and complacent, settled at your feet.

I take every accidental touch and meaningless brush

of your flesh against mine and I worship

in the lightning that flashes and spreads

from limb to limb.

I’ll never escape, never be free of this

sickened and changing I’m losing.

My will or yours, its all the same.

If I ran and found my freedom,

I’d leap off the highest peak,

so I could come back, and settle at your feet.



Oh how my heart spins

dancing on the winds

your words are magic

nothing so tragic

just crazy thoughts

harbored in broken pots

that leak and traumatize

these fantasies behind these eyes

and I could scream with joy

because you’re my bad boy

my one and only

I’m not so lonely

when I’m dreamin’

and we’re schemin’

this is what I’m about

let’s take this new route

dissolve into these dreams

and slow dance on moon beams.