I’m yours

I’m yours when I’m pressed

Skin to skin

And my curves are melting into

Hard unyielding flesh

And when I close my eyes

My fingertips trace every inch

And all that I have memorized

I feel the scruff of your beard

As it grows against your jawline

And I’m pressing kisses to that spot

On your neck

The spot by your ear

The one I always lick

And I trace your brows

And the length of your nose

And when we kiss

And I’m kissing your lips

And your tongue is touching


My fingers are in your hair

And on .your chest

And my fingers are grabbing your ass

And I’m pulling you closer

As my cool skin slides against

Hot burning skin

And I’m breathing you in

Every breath of you

And I’m worshipping

That grin

A smirk

A look in your eye

Your eyebrow raised

in that way you do

And then you’re inside

My body

And my eyes are closed

And you’ve claimed

my soul

With your hand

at my throat

Eyes half closed

Your other hand

Tearing into my hip

Inside my body

My soul is yours

My heart your shoes

My eyes are closed

Cuz I’m worshipping you

I’m all yours

And you’re the sun

And I’m a dew kissed blade of grass

And you are my intention

My reason

My obsession

My poison

And I am simply



I dreamed a little dream

I came to sing to you a pretty rhyme

a lilting melody that made me think of you

and we were standing in the place

of heavy sinking stones

You kissed me like you owned me

slid your chains right through my bones

and you placed me in the room

where the ceiling was falling fast

each moment without you the air dry and flaky

I escaped to be beside you

and you smiled and kissed me

and your eyes told me I should run

but there I stayed

The chains you jerked they scraped and broke

what was inside of me as you dragged me through the dark

to tie me up and bind me

scrape and scratch and brand me

and there I reveled in the pain

and I bit my lips as I moaned and I screamed and your pleasure grew

and this darkness spread

and in the distance in another crumbling room

another voice was moaning and crooning and singing songs

that weaved the spells I fell under as you licked and bit and pulled

and somewhere I found there was no light left

as your dry and cracked lips captured mine

and with every thrust and grunt and scream and tear

my life’s blood fell upon your altar

The place I longed to stay and worship

but I laid my bloody body bare

and offered you my pleasure as I took it

when you ate my heart

my last breath a scream as you used the chains to draw me up

and used your claws to slice me up and you owned me

mind body and soul

and the bodies were writhing in ecstasy with your powerful roar

and you ripped me limb from limb

and there it was

a tiny piece of heaven

as you threw me bloody and broken

to the dirty floor

in the place of sinking stones

the place you claimed me

and owned me with your lips.

I could have run and I should have run,

I should have lived to see another day

and instead I stayed and succumbed to the pleasure and the pain

and they all watched as you made my blood rain

and my screams were lightning bolts as your laughter and your groans

were the thunder and the wind.

I died and you were still inside.

I died and you were still inside.





Last Kiss

You said you’re gonna kill me

But please, gently kiss me

send me to heaven with a taste

a touch of your heart begins

a mindless dream to usher

and my soul could soar

so high and climbing faster

as your blade sinks inside

and pierces my heart

Just hold me close and distract me

let me loose into the darkness

as I sweetly surrender

kill me with your tenderness

and one sweet final

deadly kiss.