I love you

More than the moon loves the sun

I love you

More than Elon Musk loves space

More than a baker bakes

More than my heart can take

And with shaky fingers

I press and scratch and tear and rake

To that sacred space inside

Where MY love for you abides

And I pull and pull until it’s finally free

All this love I have inside of me

Blood dripping from my fingertips

Pulse still gently throbbing and I press

my heart into your waiting hands

You keep it

And I’ll keep this burning hole

This gaping wound inside my chest

The raw and aching place I loved you best.


Missing him

A girl who waits in the night

to hear that car door slam

and her pulse is picking up the beat

as his steps sound brisk in the gravel

and her breath is shallow

as his key scrapes against the lock

eyes dilate and he’s inside

and she’s catching her lip with her teeth

as he shed’s his skin of work and civilized

and she’s wet with thighs clenched tight

as his shoes are being littered across the floor

and then he’s standing there

setting her on fire with his burning stare

minutes pass and then he’s across the floor

heartbeats crashing wildly, a storm torn gale

and his body is covering hers

his lips are claiming hers

and his hands are holding hers

and he’s killing her

and she’s dying

and he’s her home and haven

when he’s moving inside her

taking her higher in the night

she opens her mouth with a scream

pure delight and she’s tangled up

hung up and drenched in her man.

Playing with Fire

Open the brain and open the heart

ghost through the walls

and visit the demons I have chained

take a clinical look and examine closely

stand close to the flames

and I’m burned inside

I’m looking to see what I can find

so I can let them go one by one

Instead I step with a bare foot

closer to trace the horns and the fangs

while the acid drips from my heart,

I love them dearly, my demons

so fierce and so brave, to have come

and given me their claws so I might

use their strength, and to have

taken deep breaths

and swallowed fire

crouching low they offered their necks

and I couldn’t bear to win and instead

I keep them inside and torture them endlessly

my love is worse than death, and they pay

every day as I visit and I try and I fail

I’ll keep them with chains

I’ll bathe in their fire

their anger, it feeds me

and I know that I’m wrong

and I’m weak and I’m lonely without them

and when I release them they’ll rip me apart

and then they will go

leaving me cold and broken

discarded and forgotten.