I love you

More than the moon loves the sun

I love you

More than Elon Musk loves space

More than a baker bakes

More than my heart can take

And with shaky fingers

I press and scratch and tear and rake

To that sacred space inside

Where MY love for you abides

And I pull and pull until it’s finally free

All this love I have inside of me

Blood dripping from my fingertips

Pulse still gently throbbing and I press

my heart into your waiting hands

You keep it

And I’ll keep this burning hole

This gaping wound inside my chest

The raw and aching place I loved you best.



do you remember that day in the sun?

When we walked hand in hand?

Hand in fucking hand,

with our palms pressed together,

Like our hearts were pressed together?

Does such a simple thing mean nothing to you?

And here I thought it was wonderful.

Beautiful and wonderful,

a dream come true.

And that day you made me laugh,

and I cried with the sunlight shining in my hair.

I was so happy, and the day was so perfect.

How my feet would follow yours,

slowly through the soft green grass.

And my palm was pressed to yours,

while our fingers held on tight.

And it was wonderful.

Do you remember how your smile made me fall in love?

And when you pulled me close,

my body softly resting against yours,

Your lips found mine,

and our hearts were pressed together,

just the same way our palms were pressed together.

In the sun, we were together,

and we were happy,

and it was wonderful.