Empty Night

the girl awoke, sometime in the middle of the night.

She awoke to sweaty sheets and cold air,

and the empty bed.

The girl wandered around the empty rooms,


And when the girl stepped outside for a smoke,

she listened to the empty night.

And she was awake.  More awake than she’d been.

Leaving the dreams of girlhood behind.

Awake and lonely in the night,

the girl forgave the lie the earth had gave her.

Lies of passion that warmed her blood.

The girl forgave hope, for ever being constant.

She forgave herself for dreaming for so long.

She forgave the words the people spoke.

She forgave the world for telling her of love.

For in the empty cold aired night,

awake and silent, she listened to her heart.

The girl listened to the echoes of the lies she had told herself.

The lies she wrapped around herself and colored her vision.

And she stepped away from the hazy daydream world.

The girl looked into the eyes of when she became.\

Abandoning the warmth and the light,

she let the ice and cold cover her and fill her lungs.

Standing and staring into forever, the dark her home.




The demon was real


and I could hear his heartbeat

through hell and earth and space and time

trapped inside a prison of stone he whispered my name

Over and over all through the night I listened

the windows slamming open

and the lightning chased the shadows

illuminating my fears across the walls

Stepping out into the wind I followed

mesmerized by the voice that whispered

making my soul weep as I ambled desperate

to find that cliff and stumble over

Set him free, set him free, set him free

the cadence beat through my chest

and I could hear his murmurs of approval

as I fell into the dark disappearing

stepping and walking on a silvery thread

the light that leads to you

your voice is low and rumbling tender

all my ears can hear my name on your breath

my aim is true and you are all that I see

a magnetic force two opposite poles

attracted and helpless I can’t turn away

right under this spell

His spell his magic

that lights my way straight to the heart of his hell

and all of a sudden I’m standing before this majestic beast

encased in a tomb and I don’t know how to set him free

I’m helpless and I must touch and caress and try to find

the weakness so I can let him go but there isn’t

and frustrated and desperate I begin to cry

I need him so, to hold me and lead me from this hell

and as my tears fall a shaking begins and there’s a thunder

and a great bellow falls into the dark and shatters

what is left of my heart.

I’m on my knees with my head bowed and I’m so afraid

when I feel him and I know I’ve done it

I’ve set him free and now he’ll be gone

no more whispers in my mind and I’ll be alone

left to wander displaced transdimensional me

But his arms are holding me this demon I’ve set out to save

And his whisper falls upon my ear, “I’ve got you.”

And my blood sings and my soul is exultant as he wraps me in chains.

Spellbound and hell bound I whisper “I will follow you.”