No more magic

I’m at that point of exhaustion

numb in every corner of my heart

and my mind wants to remember

everything we could have been

side by side through thick and thin

dragons playing hide and seek behind the stars

rain turning to ash as we bathe in fire

sleeping curled up like yin and yang

but you had the heart of a coward

and as the words slipped off my tongue

you planned your great escape

Houdini with the key to my heart

and in no time at all you were gone

disappearing with the rising sun

a deceiver and a thief

I’m numb and I’m cold

hiding behind a spiral galaxy

desperately trying to kill the fire

coat it up in thick layers of ice

just trying to survive the night

the numb a welcome relief

and I’m done feeling the pain

of my soul split in two

I’m done being the fool for you

I am the fierce and mighty dragon

and you?

You are the weak and brittle branch

I crunch beneath my feet.


The way I do

I’m smart enough to know that only I love like I do

and no matter how much I love you

in the way that I do

that I will always have a part of me

that is desperately lonely

craving that love that only I would recognize

Like recognizing crazy simply because I understand crazy

But that love only exists in me

and I’m the only one who understands it

and how hopeless it is to hope beyond all hope

that I would recognize it in someone else

or that someone would completely understand it

and dive into that pool so deep and vast

We’d both be happy to drown in it

and wallow in nothing else

forgetting everyone and everything else

because in this love we live

in another universe where no one else can come,

so I will love you the only way that I know how

knowing I’m the only one to love as I do

and I will embrace the loneliness

and hopelessness and search until forever

until time ends and nothing else exists

and I’m forced to realize

I’m the only one..

Alone in love with love.