Kicked out

lost on this orbit

no tracks

seldom any paths

a glimmer of hope

passing by

the setting sun

set out into this space

a rock that slowly turns

around elliptical circles

captured loops

and stunning bubbles

forced motion

trapped with no way out

struggling for breath

when home is not here

far into the night


beginning and ending

on this blueness

sinking under

never knowing

the freedom flowing

across the sacred sky





The beast laid out his cards

and I’ve failed again.

Astonished, amazed, dumbfounded.

The beast lead’s the way

and I follow him again.

Betrayed, exposed, seduced.

The beast, he has his ways

and I’m ignited again.

Lost, off track, disoriented

The beast means business

and I’m giving in.

Hunger, famine, voracious

The beast doesn’t wait

and I’m devoured.

Exalted, exultant, rapturous

The beast has no mercy

and I’m consenting.

Submissive, repentant, success

the beast tears in to me

and I’m awake.

Suckling, nursing, consuming.

The beast is fierce

and I am his.

Slipping, sliding, and slithering.

The beast is insidious

and I’m breathless.

Aroused, triggered, sparked.

The beast is euphoric

and I am undone.

Desecrated, descended, disrupted.


Tiny thinks

Remember when you were there so far away?  And I was there just dreaming of you?   How many stars were wished upon?  How many hours were spent in thoughts of you?

Every night I’d place a kiss and a wish inside a paper plane and throw it wide into the space and time that separated me from you.

Every day I’d smile and converse, strangling the words of loneliness trying to slip past my lips.

Every moment a wish in time.  This need.  This ache.  This devotion.

And here we are.  In the nights, making wishes come true.  Pouring ancient and primordial ecstasies back in to the universe.

Creating new cosmic masterpieces of song and joy. Stretching out and folding back in.  Encircling this space and time with the melody of you and me.

Fire in my heart

I saw you, standing out past the horizon

Where forever turned into infinity

Bigger than all the life I knew

Taking steps away from this platform

Intent and desire the same breathing fire

With every step away from there

The distance remained the same

I reached the point I thought you were

At that start of forever

I stepped into this great abyss

this chasm that never ended

and always there in front of me

I walked until forever

I stumbled through a galaxy

named a star for you

Pushed forward through the dust that hides

and shields your light from view.

And every time I thought we touched

there you were, standing at the start

This intergalactic race that has no end

this fire in my heart.







You can always tell when the weather starts changing.

It always sounds the same.

Cars go faster.

I can hear them racing for miles

blood gets to boiling.

I love these little breaks.  soon it will be cold again.

Snow will cover the roads.

People will drive slower.

Somehow, the noise becomes muted.

But for tonight, Heart’s are racing

and there’s desire burning and chasing them through the streets.

Passions are roaring and shifting gears

hellbent on living.