Day off, sun shining

hair clean and makeup on

and I’m sitting in front of my laptop

music plays and I’m hoping for something

to make sense

trapped in the city

suffocating on exhaust fumes

lights blinking and twinkling

and I never see the fucking stars anymore

constant humming of electricity that flows through

and we forget we are made with electricity

we are power and life and vitality

but we eat our crap

and suck on our happiness

and there’s nothing

because its all a trap

do this

do that

and I’m still here missing the stars

and the buzz of insects

and the smell of earth

and I’m soon to turn the ignition and start my car

drive along the burning asphalt

and when can I let my bare feet sink into the grass?

and lay in the sunshine

and be held close to your chest

and listen to the rumble of your voice

as you tell me wonderfully fantastic dreams

my hand held in yours and we’re dreaming

and we’re alive and loving and life is good

and life is life

not made up

not a trap

and I feel free when your lips are tasting mine

and my eyes are closed

and the world falls away

and this would be life

without all the traps




Its that time of night when I’m contemplating life

and the curtains are drawn and the light is glowing

softly in the corner

and I’ve got violins in my ears playing the soundtrack

to the movie I have playing in my head

as I feel the euphoria of another day lived

and the few hours I got to spend dreaming about you

and I’ve got my hands dancing stretched above my head

and I’m praising the beauty of your face

and the angle with which my gaze traced your smile

as I hid around the corner and dreamt about forever

and I can’t tell you of the joy that beats through my heart

and the surprise I feel when it jumps and starts

when I imagine we’re finally happy

and my blood is screaming through my veins

and there’s a stupid smile on my face

thinking about the way a fire sprang to life

as I passed you by, almost touching

it left a trail, a shadow of the ghost of the moment

when we almost did but didn’t

and the cymbal crashes through my head

when I remember I can’t tell you

or dance for you

I can’t smile and laugh and it can’t be for you

even if its all I ever want

and now the sick yellow light of the lamp

is peeling along the walls

staining the memory of day

and I’m happy I can love you in this way

even when we’ll not be forever

or ever

or now

god, and the sounds of the violins are climbing higher

and the movie is coming to its tragic end

and life is not a dream

its something else entirely

and I’ll be crying a river of woe

in the morning

remembering to forget the happy hour

until I’m dreaming of forever



If I don’t follow my fears

how will I ever know

the point and the pain

in which I can change?

How can I obsess about

the fire burning in your eyes

and the flames and heat that lick up

from the skin you hide in?

I see you there, my darkest ambition

and I would fall to knees and worship

humiliated and degraded

by a whim of reckless danger

And here I am

waiting and dreaming

obsessed with desire

I want you to change me

tear me down

until I’m nothing

And I would follow you

pulled tight by the tether

the heat and the fire of you

and I’m waiting desperately

for your breath to fall upon my lips

giving me new words to fill up my chest

A new chapter of destiny

obsessed with the guiding of flames and light

my response to only you

and you could be the blemish of shadow

staining my blue and fractured soul.

So I follow my fears and I follow you

reaching out with tentative fingertips

slowly pressing into

treacherous terrain.

Uncertain of the end

the pain that breaks me

And seeing it in your eyes









from somewhere inside

I’m sorry they hurt you little baby girl

but I have you now

and I want to show you the stars

and all the space between

show you that that life you lived

was nothing but a dream

and all that time I waited for you to look up

and look upon me

holding out my hand

to guide you through the murky lands

where the sun never fully rose

and it never fully set

and the rains never came

but the ground was always wet

and your feet got stuck

I’m here now

to take you back to the beginning

of who you were

and everything you are

and everything you forgot you could be


Mindless Oblivion

And there she was

living in a world of gray

where nothing made sense

and that was normal

I totally get it now

it’s the mildest form of saturation

how immensely difficult

to be to immersed

let the colors bleed in

make your skin prickle

with the heat of the fire

you forgot was burning inside you

but in the gray

the girl was suspended

in a time and place

she chose to live

and the blues were gray bruises she could hide with shadow

and the angry red was slashed into the sky

where it could float away as though it never happened

gray was mindless

and the girl was oblivion.


We both know we could force things

but that’s not how we want this to end

the feeling won’t last forever

in the end we have to let go of pain and anger

only love can carry us through the light

So, the fork in the road.

A certain end lies in that direction,

loss, cold and dark and bitter and lonely.

Or, down there, along that path lies forever.

Sunshine and happiness and love, and never having to be alone again.

the same choice I’ve made a thousand times.

I choose it again, with you.

Every time.


Today is a good day

Today is a good day my people

Happiness and truth are deliberate

and you must fight every day

to make it transpire

it started at the beginning

when your heart was struck with lightning

and your life began

your voice is the conscience of the universe

and what you speak will be

when all hearts are united

Keep your eyes open

and your ears listening

there are truth speakers

and brothers and sisters of the soul

speaking to you

send your love back

send it back into the universe

you were created for love

you were created for me

and I was created for you

and together we bring change

and wonderment to the world

and remember

we are together in all of this

breath begets breath

life begets life

and love is abundant

there is enough for me to take

and for me to give

and today begins the beginning

we’re taking it back

stay positive

stay alert

stay in love