I’m late

Rabbit holes are dark and scary

Perhaps that’s the appeal

It’s too soon to visit

My old rabbit hole

But I’m running out of time

I am the Fucking White rabbit

And my watch is 15 minutes fast

And I am 30 minutes behind

And Alice is somewhere having tea

But the queen of hearts is rushing me

My wonderland is hellish land

And the Cheshire cat with his Fucking grin

Is stalking me again

There are no safe places to hide

The queen of hearts is demanding heads

And if I’m not there

Please consider me already dead!



Author: doing2016

I started writing when I was very young. Then I was mortified on a bus full of people when one of my stories was read aloud. I lost my focus and quit. Now, I'm trying to find my voice and my ambition. I love to write, good or bad. So, I'm doing it here and now. Thank you.

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