Just go

Somewhere driving north to Charlotte

Somewhere in the forested mountains

She was awakened from her slumbering

Somewhere on her way to watch a dying man

This ghostly man who sang of death

She was awakened by the words

The words that had quieted

The hush that fell upon her world

The muting of a soul torn apart

But there, in the ancient hills

She heard a rhythming

And a murmuring

She just needed to stretch her vocals

She just needed to tap her toes

She just needed to get up and go

The first death had come and gone

The second life was just beginning

Somewhere out there

On that road

North to Charlotte

Where the soul quit its keening

Rugburns newly scabbed upon her knees

Cervix bruised in midnight light

Her poetic pussy was alive and well

Woken somewhere in that forested mountain night