Sweet Lucifer

Sweet Lucifer

With your golden horns upon your head

You heard my call

My one remaining wish

And like a scorpion you embedded it with poison

As it left your fingertips

And me a starving woman

Dazzled by its beauty

I took the gift you gave to me

Even as the world turned gray

And behind the smiles that came with it

The happiness I gained

There was always a prick of insanity

Poking into me

And as I dove into my happiness

The shadows behind me grew heavy

But I kept my eyes forward

Desiring my prize

And I thank you

For giving me one more taste

As poisoned as it is

For a life worth living

As your darkness climbs over me

To carry the light that is within

To the depths of hell

Where I’ll pay the price

Of being two souls entwined

In that perfect circle of give and take

My breath for his

My soul for a dream.




I’m stealing time

A few more moments

Trapped in a box I made

For living and dreaming

And I am awake

While your eyes are watching mine

This time for now as the minutes tick by

Into tomorrow another time begins

Where the suffering is real again.

the time where I want to die again.

And I remember this time now in the

cold and Frozen winter The Stolen

Moments I kept you close and I’ll

treasure them like tiny diamonds

hidden in the snow.