For Real

I just want something for real

a genuine moment

something that so pure

it’s crystal clear

No muddy spots

and clouded messes

that leave me confused


just what the fuck?


Can’t one thing out there

be just

for real?


Mindless Oblivion

And there she was

living in a world of gray

where nothing made sense

and that was normal

I totally get it now

it’s the mildest form of saturation

how immensely difficult

to be to immersed

let the colors bleed in

make your skin prickle

with the heat of the fire

you forgot was burning inside you

but in the gray

the girl was suspended

in a time and place

she chose to live

and the blues were gray bruises she could hide with shadow

and the angry red was slashed into the sky

where it could float away as though it never happened

gray was mindless

and the girl was oblivion.


We both know we could force things

but that’s not how we want this to end

the feeling won’t last forever

in the end we have to let go of pain and anger

only love can carry us through the light

So, the fork in the road.

A certain end lies in that direction,

loss, cold and dark and bitter and lonely.

Or, down there, along that path lies forever.

Sunshine and happiness and love, and never having to be alone again.

the same choice I’ve made a thousand times.

I choose it again, with you.

Every time.