Sometimes you have to give up on a dream

This treasure you carried around inside your head

this thing that made you happy

and the universe sometimes has a different plan

it had another idea of what would make you happy

like since it created you it knew what was perfect for you

and one day you stand in the desert of you mind

and peel your skin from your head to your toes

and there you stand pure and new

bloody and raw and waiting

waiting for the universe to knit you and put you back together

redirect your galaxy

pat you on the back and nudge you out to space

and in the end you’re vibrant and shiny

a treasure

something made so perfectly right.





What can I say?

I’d waited for this moment forever.

I hid myself, but not that hard.

I waited in the shadows,

and it was easy,

for most people don’t care to look and see.

but I knew time was nothing more

than a blink of the eye,

compared to what I’d already endured.

So I toed the line, where shadow meets the light

and I waited.

And I knew the moment he found me,

all the light of the world disappeared,

and the heat rose to suffocation

and my soul writhed in frenetic joy.

In the dark were eyes

eyes that owned me

and glowed with satisfaction

as he gazed upon his prize.

And as his lips turned up

and his eyes full of awe

my heartbeat sped up

giddy anticipation

of the awesome battle to begin


and his forehead pressed to mine

and his sweat dripped and fell

between my cleavage

trailing down and burning a path

vanishing just before the beginning of time

smiling my own smile

I reached inside and stole his heart

raised it high above me and shook in delight

a he crumpled to the ground before me

but winning is never that easy

as he chuckled and raised himself above me

he grabbed me close and kissed me breathless

as he lodged a spear into my side

and as I bled I slashed and tore at his flesh

ribs and muscle exposed

and he’s breaking me in half

and I explode

sweeping the broken body aside

I’m raw and I’m bare and I’m out in the open

and I’ve caught him close up next to me

and he’s on fire turning into ash

and I know he’s exposed and raw

taken down to the simplest form

and there it is

a hard and aching truth

and my soul is laughing

as she rises high above

and slowly settling gently engulfing

until he’s fully inside

buried so deep inside

nowhere he can hide.



Soul Search

I faced him, standing there

ten paces straight ahead

as my eyes glanced up to meet his

I heard the voices in my head

and they all tried to be heard

as they spoke at once

to tell me I would be dead

before the day was through

I couldn’t help but notice

the panic as it welled up

and cut off my breath

the voices screamed and clamored

inside my brain for action

and my feet began to move

and I gave it all I had

as I threw my arms into the air

seeking all the electrical

waves throughout the sky

a last taste of life

and in a flash he was there

not half a pace before me

I kept one hand on the sky

as I gently placed a palm

against his unshaven cheek

standing up on tiptoes

I leaned into his heat

our gazes met

as his lips descended to mine

The voices fell silent

and inside spread like a blanket

willingness and certainty

to belong in his hell

sting myself with misery.

So, I greedily drank of his poison,

while his arms settled tightly around me

and I passed from light to dark

where I would spend eternity.

The torture of my heart being ripped

from my breast night after night

as he searches for my soul.



A moment

He followed after her

entranced with her laugh

and enamored with her soul

he hid himself in shadows

hungering for her lips

and as she passed by

in the sunlight

he dared to reach

a shy and trembling hand

to trace the sunlight on her flesh

but she laughed and spun

just out of reach

as his hand fell to his side

shaking in relief

oh, so close

and he almost had a taste

of warmth and skin

soft kisses and a breath of life

his eyes aflame and hands clenched tight

he strained against the gravity

and raised his head

and his chest release a mighty roar

that shook the earth

that broke and shifted

as he grabbed the girl and

drug her below

and in his greed to have her

there she began to wither and die

And he knew in a moment

that his taste of heaven

would be the last

as the sun fell from the sky

and gravity disappeared

as he was flung into

the black and oily sky

to freeze and slow

until he was struck

the desperate immortality

of regret.



I cut it from my breast

and threw it to the sky

and you can see it

see the constellation

watch it bleed

And that’s my love for you

for the universe to see

Locked out into the night

where it can be wild and free

I never want it back

never lodged inside of me

and I can’t feel it anymore

just a gentle reminder

as I search for hell

begging for the trouble

and a fire to devour me.


I want to be hunted and stalked

my blood hot and heavy

I want the race and the chase

and I want to be caught up in your arms

I want to be afraid

and I want to find the will to fight

until you drag me away

make everything alright

I just want to be peeled out of my clothes

I want hands that  push and pull

I want commanding tones

and rough words that turn me on

I want to be turned this way and that

bruising kisses and long stares

I want my soul revealed

I want the beast to be set free

wild and untamed and glorious

I want the fires of hell

melting me…..