Now you know

Did you know

I call you my ruination






Did you know

I’d crawl

I’d beg

I’d steal from the sky

Time and more time

Every minute gathered up

To breathe your air

And sip lies

From the nectar

On your lips?

Did you know

I fade to nothing

With my fingertips


Without your skin

To absorb me?

Did you know

I’m reckless

Life too much

Without your smile?

Did you know

I dream poetry

Your eyes

Haunting my soul?

Did you know

There is no joy

Without the sound

Of you?



I’m yours

I’m yours when I’m pressed

Skin to skin

And my curves are melting into

Hard unyielding flesh

And when I close my eyes

My fingertips trace every inch

And all that I have memorized

I feel the scruff of your beard

As it grows against your jawline

And I’m pressing kisses to that spot

On your neck

The spot by your ear

The one I always lick

And I trace your brows

And the length of your nose

And when we kiss

And I’m kissing your lips

And your tongue is touching


My fingers are in your hair

And on .your chest

And my fingers are grabbing your ass

And I’m pulling you closer

As my cool skin slides against

Hot burning skin

And I’m breathing you in

Every breath of you

And I’m worshipping

That grin

A smirk

A look in your eye

Your eyebrow raised

in that way you do

And then you’re inside

My body

And my eyes are closed

And you’ve claimed

my soul

With your hand

at my throat

Eyes half closed

Your other hand

Tearing into my hip

Inside my body

My soul is yours

My heart your shoes

My eyes are closed

Cuz I’m worshipping you

I’m all yours

And you’re the sun

And I’m a dew kissed blade of grass

And you are my intention

My reason

My obsession

My poison

And I am simply


I’m late

Rabbit holes are dark and scary

Perhaps that’s the appeal

It’s too soon to visit

My old rabbit hole

But I’m running out of time

I am the Fucking White rabbit

And my watch is 15 minutes fast

And I am 30 minutes behind

And Alice is somewhere having tea

But the queen of hearts is rushing me

My wonderland is hellish land

And the Cheshire cat with his Fucking grin

Is stalking me again

There are no safe places to hide

The queen of hearts is demanding heads

And if I’m not there

Please consider me already dead!


Just go

Somewhere driving north to Charlotte

Somewhere in the forested mountains

She was awakened from her slumbering

Somewhere on her way to watch a dying man

This ghostly man who sang of death

She was awakened by the words

The words that had quieted

The hush that fell upon her world

The muting of a soul torn apart

But there, in the ancient hills

She heard a rhythming

And a murmuring

She just needed to stretch her vocals

She just needed to tap her toes

She just needed to get up and go

The first death had come and gone

The second life was just beginning

Somewhere out there

On that road

North to Charlotte

Where the soul quit its keening

Rugburns newly scabbed upon her knees

Cervix bruised in midnight light

Her poetic pussy was alive and well

Woken somewhere in that forested mountain night



I’m drunk

Can’t decide why I’m still alive

Past the point of whatever

Can’t turn back

It’s a nightmare

Smelling roses in the dark

Who am I?


And if I’m nothing but ego

Does anything really matter at all

Can’t say for sure

It’s all empty this and empty that

Rules we tell ourselves are good for us

No connection

And I can’t decide if I’m alive looking at the stars

Maybe I’m dead already

Made my mind up to leave this planet

rules are stupid

I want to be the moonlight on the water

I want your laughter all around me

I don’t really want to be

I don’t really give a fuck anymore

If I call

Can you hear me? When I call for you?

Can you hear me through all this sound? Through the traffic noise.

The sigh of the breeze through the canopy trees?

Can I cash this check? Cash in all my credits.

Will you follow me over the bridge?

Get to the other side, throw a stick of dynamite over my shoulder, leave it destroyed?

Can I live across the way from you? The river of tears that flows between us?

Will you come find me in the night if I call for your help?

Can I leave my pride at the door and borrow your sorrow? Let me sink deep inside.

Can I press my fingers to your face, fingertips trailing the path your sadness takes?

Can we sit together, shoulder to shoulder, your boulder my boulder?

Can you find me through all this mess?

Help me I’ll call and I’ll say.

If I call I’ll say help me, help me, and I’ll help you….